Thank you for considering Teaching Tree as a  recipient of your charitable gift. We recognize what an important decision it is in selecting an organization or charity with which to make your contributions. We promise to be good stewards of the money you donate, and the best interests of our families are always taken into account when decisions are made.

Are you clearing out the basement? If you have gently used age appropriate toys, books or clothing your local Teaching Tree may  be able to use these items as well; or know of a family in need that can use them. Call your local Teaching Tree to see if they have a need for these items.


Pine Street location is not accepting donations until Capital Expansion is complete. 

scrap paper
dress up clothes
copy paper
store gift cards
storage bins
laptops for staff
funding for playground repairs
funding for building repairs
arts and crafts supplies
donations for silent auction event

Wish List Items

Monetary Donations
Did you know that your donation to Teaching Tree allows you to benefit from the Colorado Child Care Contribution tax credit? Each donation made to Teaching Tree qualifies you for a Colorado tax credit equal to 50% of the donation, as well as state and federal tax deductions. Here's an example of how a $1,000 donation can cost a donor only $210:
Colorado tax credit: $500
State tax deduction: $23
Federal tax deduction: $267
Actual cost of investment: $210

Childcare Tax Credit

Colorado leads the nation in providing tax-advantaged tools for child care through the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC). This unique public / private partnership allows individuals and businesses to claim a 50% state income tax credit for qualified contributions to child care providers (up to $200,000). CCTC contributions are used to: establish and operate licensed child care facilities; fund grant programs (scholarships) for parents who need help paying for care; and, supplement professional development costs for individuals working in the child care sector. Contact Tara Streeb for more information