"When children have the benefit of a high-quality early childhood education, they make cognitive and social gains that prepare them to start school. These foundational skills allow them to build on their learning and knowledge through school and into adulthood."

-​Return on Investment:

Cost vs. Benefits,

James J. Heckman,

University of Chicago


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Our toddler program is for children 12 months and walking to two years old. These children are developing their gross motor skills by discovering the thrill of walking, developing their fine motor skills, by pointing, manipulating, grabbing and learning language and social skills. Our teachers use basic sign and consistent repetition to help children start developing their language skills. We introduce the Pyramid Module that teaches children about caring, cooperation, safe environments, assertiveness, relationship skills, emotional regulation and self-control. This philosophy is introduced early and integrated into all of our classrooms big and small. Our ratios are 1:5 with a maximum group size of ten children.


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Our Preschool program prepares children age 3-5 years old for Kindergarten. Theme based activities are planned each week with hands on and teacher directed activities. Creative Curriculum, Building Language and Literacy, and Pyramid are used when planning activities to meet each child's academic needs. The Loveland Center also uses Zoo Phonics. Our daily centers include art, math/language, science, housekeeping, cognitive, computer, library, fine motor/writing, cozy corner, music and outdoor play.

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The infant program is located at the Fort Collins center. We strive to develop a sense of trust and well-being in your baby. Our staff promotes attachment with tenderness and self-awareness for positive social interactions. We offer a safe, healthy and enriched hands on environment in which infants can explore and engage in creative play for each stage of development. We provide loving care, responsive interaction and individual respect for each baby. We offer a 1:4 and 1:5 ratio with a maximum group size of seven infants. Parents are welcome to visit or nurse at anytime throughout the day.



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