• hold and rock babies
  • read to children
  • assist with fundraisers
  • help with minor repairs
  • spring clean up
  • rake leaves
  • paint classrooms
  • assist with class activities
  • clean toys and chairs

Join Our Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Craig Vollmer, 2014-present, President

Susan Boston, 2015-present, Vice President

Marilyn Foster, 2008-2010, 2015-present, Secretary 

Mathew Sayers, 2016-present, Treasurer

Kimberly Medina, 2014-present

Brian Joyce, 2010-present
Pete Meyer, 2011-present

Fred Ambramowitz, 2012-present
Jodie Riesenberger, 2015-present
Shane C. Brown, 2017-present

Melinda Phipps, 2016-present

​Robert L. Davis, Jr, 2017-present

Members at large:
Wendy Abbott
Audrea Butler
Stephen Russell

Wish List

  • crayons/markers
  • scrap paper
  • dress up clothes
  • copy paper
  • bibs
  • diapers
  • store gift cards
  • storage bins
  • laptops for staff
  • iPads
  • educational toys
  • funding for playground repairs
  • funding for building repairs
  • arts and crafts supplies
  • donations for silent auction event

Monetary Donations
Did you know that your donation to Teaching Tree allows you to benefit from the Colorado Child Care Contribution tax credit? Each donation made to Teaching Tree qualifies you for a Colorado tax credit equal to 50% of the donation, as well as state and federal tax deductions. Here's an example of how a $1,000 donation can cost a donor only $210:
Colorado tax credit: $500
State tax deduction: $23
Federal tax deduction: $267
Actual cost of investment: $210

Volunteer Opportunities

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